Some of Our Projects


A sporting and community management tool for all involved in sport. ​This app enables individuals, involved in sport or community-based activities, to build their own communities. It also supports the management of clubs, organisations and teams worldwide. A demo exists and the App will be in beta testing by end of May 2017 after which release world wide.


A macular degeneration testing tool created in partnership with a local Optical Surgeon. The App is in alpha testing and is soon to be released on the Android platform, followed by other platforms after further evaluation. etOculus has interests for funding from a few major Pharmaceutical Companies in Australia, but this App has worldwide application.

4L8R (For later)

Save shared links to look at later. This simple app was produced as a training app for a potential Gladiator.


Ludus is designing an interactive dinner party game by taking an old style of game and adding a twist of interactive features enabled by current technology.

Healthy Food For Kids

In partnership with a local author of healthy food books, Ludus is building an interactive game to help promote and establish better eating habits and a healthier lifestyle for children. - ​This graphic intensive application has many features to help children and parents understand both growing healthy food and it’s consumption.